Turnkey Finishes

Opting for a turnkey apartment finish is a way to save both your time and money while ensuring quality. In an era of increasing pace of life, more and more homebuyers are interested in purchasing a property that is ready to move into immediately.

Turnkey Finishes
Thanks to the years of experience, the construction teams at Excellent guarantee a fast pace and high quality of work, which translates into many years of trouble-free use and customer satisfaction.

Turnkey Projects

Choosing a turnkey apartment finish saves you both time and money, while also guaranteeing quality. In a time when life's pace is accelerating, an increasing number of homebuyers are interested in acquiring properties ready for immediate occupancy.

Thanks to many years of experience, the construction teams at Excellent ensure a rapid pace and high standard of work, resulting in many years of hassle-free usage and client satisfaction.

An additional advantage for the buyer is the opportunity to cover the ready-to-move-in property with a single mortgage loan and to benefit from a VAT rate at a preferential level of 8%.

The entire service comes with a comprehensive warranty provided by a stable and reliable Polish company with over 30 years of experience - Excellent S.A.

Trust the professionals and take advantage of the turnkey apartment finishing offer. Regardless of your needs, every client can count on support and expert advice from the Investment Order Coordinators and Designers at Excellent S.A., who are eager to help solve any issues related to the finishing of any interior.

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Below are the results of comprehensive turnkey finishing as part of the Krzemionki Hill Investment, located at Jerozolimska Street 2:

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